18 February 2019

10 tips to attract more visitors to your online store

Natascha Klootsema
Founder/owner | Flavourites

Launching an online store is one thing, turning it into a successful one is quite another. How do you get people interested in your store if you have a limited budget? We share ten tips and tricks.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but we often see the launch of online stores selling exactly the same products as (many) others. What a pity... After all, if you have an original product range it’s easier to attract and retain customers, and you’re more likely to be featured in magazines – a great way to get your name out there. Look for brands that are (hardly) sold in your country and scour the market for beautiful products by up-and-coming designers, both in your country and abroad. Or simply put: make sure you stand out from the crowd!

Magazines and bloggers love beautiful images, so invest in good product photos, as this will boost your advertising opportunities. Get both product and inspirational action photos taken, and don’t underestimate the importance of good styling. See the bigger picture, so to speak, and you’re guaranteed good inspirational photos. If you’re a really good photographer, you can do it yourself. If not, leave it to the pros.

Just launched a new product in your range? Send out a press release (including good photos!) to magazine editors and bloggers that you would like to feature your work. No idea how to write a press release? Or maybe you find the idea of contacting the media yourself quite daunting? No worries, a PR agency can take care of everything, against a fee of course.

Building a following on social media may be free, but it is time-consuming. That being said, it’s definitely more than worth it, because for many online stores, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and/or Instagram are the main sources of revenue. After all, your followers would not follow your online store just for the sake of it, so make the most out of these social media channels. Make sure you have great content and post regularly. There’s nothing worse than initial enthusiasm that fizzles out a few weeks into it.

Many online stores use newsletters as the ultimate communication tool to keep their regular customers informed, and it works! So do send out regular newsletters, for example once a month. Make them attractive, with beautiful images and interesting news. To convince customers to register for your newsletter, you can launch a promotion. A good example is “Register for our newsletter and enjoy a €5 discount on your first order!”.

So, you’re expected to not only run your entire online store, but also to start your very own blog? Well, yes, but only if you enjoy writing and sharing news. A good blog will help you get a loyal following, which, in turn, will boost your sales. So... get writing!

Video content is booming! We’re not talking boring product reviews, but rather creative solutions. Creating video content is time-consuming, but you can rely on handy tools to make it just a little easier, such as the Vine app, the Instagram video feature or iMovie. Fun videos are liked and shared more often than boring ones, so get creative!

Get a VIP to act as a brand ambassador! Agreed, that sounds a lot easier than it is. If you don’t know any VIPs yourself, or you can’t get hold of any contacts via friends and family, take a closer look at your network. Is there any chance you can get in touch with anyone? Or maybe you can arrange for your products to be featured in a TV program? Once again, that’s not easy, but if you manage, you’ve got yourself a really great PR tool.

Magazines and blogs often like to give away products. It’s a good idea to join their contests and giveaways from time to time, because they’re great publicity! Don’t overdo it though, because you want to avoid being labeled ‘the giveaway online store’.

10. Share your story

Who are you? What’s your story? And what makes your online store so special? It may be nothing extraordinary for you, but it may be interesting for your visitors, and it might even help them remember your store. Think about your personal story and share it via your online store and social media channels, preferably with photos. It will earn you the sympathy of your visitors and encourage them to shop at your store rather than at one of the ‘big boys’.

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