How to adapt the URL structure

Updated on: 18 February 2019

You might have noticed that a ‘c’ or an ‘a’ code is displayed in the URL of your online store, behind your domain name, when you visit a page or product page. You cannot change this structure because this code helps your online store keep hold of its Google ranking if you decide to change the name of the page and/or product. Read on to find out more.

We use the so-called ‘c’ code to allow you to change the title of the page and to change its position in the navigation menu without this negatively impacting its ranking in search engines. The same goes for product pages. In a nutshell, this code is used to your advantage.

The ‘c’ code in the URL does not have a negative impact on your Google ranking. Whether or not your page is easy to find, and whether your pages and products are indexed correctly, depends on many factors, such as the sitemap, metadata, redirects, as well as links from blogs and social media

The success of SEO still largely depends on the merchant – yes, that’s you! After all, you are the one placing the content – all pages and products – in your online store. Do this wisely to get the most out of SEO.


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